Monday, April 21, 2008

The ball has dropped - (Post 8)

I don’t even know where to begin. So much has changed in the last day that part of me doesn’t even believe that it’s real. Apparently, Mr. K has been planning and scheming during his business trips. You can probably guess it; Mr. K has been meeting with his lawyers and is planning on divorcing his wife. He informed her today that he wants a divorce and wants her out of the house. He took her outside to tell her since Kayley and I were in the kitchen eating lunch. The morning was uneventful and I didn’t even see Mrs. K until she walked outside with her husband and he told her. Even though they were outside, we could still here what they were saying since the windows were open. Kayley didn’t hear it though, since she had headphones on. Want to know the weirdest thing of all? When Mr. K said he wanted her out of the house, she didn’t freak out at all. The conversation was actually very calm. It was the weirdest thing I had ever seen/heard. It was very quick too. They walked outside and Mr. K said, “I can’t do this anymore and I don’t want too. We both know this marriage has been over for a long time and I’m not playing this game anymore. I want a divorce. It will be filed right away. I don’t know where you’re going to go but you can’t stay here anymore, I want you out. You have time, I’ll give you four weeks to figure out where you will go.” Mrs. K’s response was, “Fine. I’ll be out right away.” That was literally it. The conversation was over just like that. They came back in the house and walked in separate directions.

Tara and I just stood there in shock. Kayley was dancing around the kitchen to the music completely oblivious to what was going on. I was actually speechless which is very rare for me. I couldn’t believe that he just told his wife he was divorcing her as if he was telling her they were out of milk. It was just so weird. Mrs. K went straight for her bedroom and unbeknownst to us, she was already packing. She eventually called Tara up to her room and asked her to help her pack. Poor Tara was stuck in that room with her for three hours. I was keeping Kayley occupied in the family room when Mr. K said he needed to speak with me. We stepped into the next room and he said, “I don’t know if you are aware or not yet, but Sarah and I are divorcing. She has decided she is leaving tonight despite the fact that I’m not forcing her to do so. She’s packing as we speak and is leaving to go to her mother’s house. She doesn’t want to take Kayley with her, so Kayley will be living with here with me. You still have your job if you’re interested. However I will understand if you do not feel comfortable being in the middle of all of this.” I was floored! Mrs. K doesn’t even want to have Kayley with her. I mean, I thought she loved her daughter more then that. My mind was racing when he said, “I’ll let you think about it, let me know what you decide.” He walked away and left me in shock.

When Tara came back downstairs she whispered that she had to talk to me right away. With perfect timing Mr. K walked in and said he wanted to take Kayley out for some ice cream. Kayley shrieked with excitement. He offered for us to go but we declined. I figured it was good to let them have some father daughter time and Tara was itching to talk to me. Right after they left Tara pulled me outside to tell me the story. While they were upstairs Mrs. K unloaded everything onto Tara as they packed. She told her that she couldn’t believe he actually did this to her behind her back and that it was wrong what he was doing. She ranted about how this divorce will ruin her and she will never be able to get her reputation back. She actually said to Tara, “what will the neighbors think when they here this? This will have them talking for months! I’ll never be able to face them again.” Can you believe that? Her marriage is ending and the only thing she’s worried about is what they neighbors will be saying. Not her daughter, not her husband but the neighbors. She can never cease to amaze me! The entire time they were upstairs that was all she was talking about. The neighbors and their friends is all she’s worried about. When Tara finished packing up the clothes in the master closet she asked, “Should I start packing Kayley’s things?” Mrs. K’s exact response was, “What? Oh. No, no need. She’s staying with her father. I don’t want to take her. Honestly, I had her for him anyway.” I started to cry when Tara told me. I couldn’t believe she actually said that. She might as well have said she didn’t love her daughter. At least she said it to Tara and not to Kayley. This is when I decided I was staying. There’s no way I’m going to abandon her right now. Her mother is leaving and she will be wondering why. From what she said to Tara, I don’t think she is going to visit much with Kayley and she will want to know why. I can’t leave her right now.

The post will have to end here for now. I’m pretty wiped from today’s events. It was very emotionally draining to take all of this in. I’ve told Mr. K that I will be staying for Kayley. He said he was happy to hear that and that we will talk more tomorrow. The last thing he said to me before he headed for the guest bedroom was, “Things will be changing around here. I’m going to make it better for Kayley.” For the first time, I felt like Mr. K was being a real father. He’s doing this for Kayley and wants to make things better. I hope it happens. I hope things get better for her although I’m worried that this divorce is going to be very scary and stressful for her. Mrs. K is still here but she is leaving in the morning. She told Tara she would be leaving at 6am to avoid running into any of the neighbors. God forbid should she have to actually face them.

Sorry this isn’t a great post. I think I’m in shock and just exhausted. Maybe after it sinks in tomorrow I’ll be able to write more.

Shocked and confused,


Dana said...

I feel like I'm reading some sort of novel..and this is the part where I can't close the book or put it down! I know you are stunned..but I am so happy - ecstatic really to hear that Kayley's dad is finally stepping it up and won't continue the front anymore. I am excited for you, as it seems like your life will get considerably easier now that there will be someone else actually showing that little girl some love. On Mrs. K...well she's just pathetic..but you (we) already knew it's just confirmed in her own words. I would have been enraged to hear such a thing...and I hope she never gets near that child again. Maybe she won't grow up wondering what she did wrong..why couldn't her mommy just love her, want her...good luck tomorrow...I'm anxiously awaiting to see what happens..all for the good though I'm sure. Dana

KelBug2685 said...

Mady, I was a bit shocked myself at first after reading this posting, but it is definitely for the best. I feel awful about how this little girl has been living in a house where only the hired-help actually love her and take care of her on a daily basis. From what it sounds like, her dad is actually realizing what his wife is doing to their daughter and how she has been treated up until this point. Even though it is going to be rough for little Kayley, it is for the best and eventually she will realize that as well once she is older to understand everything. You are very brave to be having involved in this family's life and glad you are staying because Kayley needs you more now than ever. Good Luck...

Anonymous said...

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