Saturday, April 19, 2008

An Unplanned Continuation - (Post 4)

You know, I really thought we would actually have a completely mellow day. I was so wrong that it’s ridiculous. Kayley went to bed at her usual 8pm and fell right to sleep. I decided to do some reading, chat with some friends I haven’t talked to lately, post my entry for the day and relax. At around 11:30pm (which was right after I posted my blog) Tara came to my door to ask me if I knew where Mrs. K was. I didn’t. I actually assumed she was in her bedroom since I hadn’t heard or seen her leave it all day. Tara told me she had gone to check on her to make sure she was ok and found her room to be empty. We checked the entire house and she wasn’t here. We figured she left for another party and would be back sometime in the early morning. I wasn’t worried since she does this a lot when Mr. K is gone. We both went back to our rooms and resumed what we were doing. I must have dosed off while reading because when I woke up it was just past 2am. I was just getting into bed for the night to go back to sleep when I heard the front door open. As soon as I turned out the light I heard what sounded like glass hitting the floor. I shot out of bed and ran to the top of the stairs. Tara was coming down the hall asking over and over what had happened. At the bottom of the stairs was Mrs. K passed out on the floor with glass scattered all around her. Coming up the front stairs in a panic was her driver, Tony. Honestly, part of me just wanted to go back to my room.

Turns out Mrs. K left the house around 8pm, which explains why I didn’t notice, since I was putting Kayley to bed. She had Tony bring her to three different bars (not her usual scene) before settling on a party at one of her friend’s house. Apparently she drank herself stupid and tried to make out with one of the party guests. If you’re anything like me, you’re rolling your eyes and saying “oh God!” right now. The host of the party called Tony into the house to get Mrs. K to leave. When she’s that drunk it’s usually not hard to convince her of anything. Tony, the amazing guy that he is, got her out of the house on her own feet and into the backseat of the car. He’s really become a master at this since it’s a common occurrence when she gets this crazy. He brought her home and tried to walk her into the house. He got her as far as the stairs and she demanded to do it on her own. She managed to unlock the door herself and put the alarm code in so she didn’t set it off. When she did that Tony thought maybe she was somewhat ok and headed back for the car. He said as he rounded the driver’s side and opened the door he saw her wobble grab for something and collapse to the floor. The thing she grabbed for was a table to the right of the door with a glass vase with flowers in it. Because of the way the driveway is set up, the cars are parked pretty far from the front door so it took him some time to get back to the doorway.

Like a well-practiced play Tony scooped Mrs. K into his arms and headed up the stairs. Tara began to clean up the broken glass, water and flowers all over the floor and I followed Tony to help get Mrs. K into bed. I undressed her, tossed her wet clothes into the dirty laundry and managed to get her nightgown on before she was really conscious enough to put up a fight. She actually got into bed on her own power and just mumbled to herself as I left her room. Talk about something NOT in the job description! What am I supposed to do though? I can’t just leave her on the floor soaking wet and drunk. I just suck it up and do what I need to do and get her into bed. I’ve done it enough times that it’s almost automatic. Thank God for Tony because without him, Tara and I would never get her up the stairs on our own. When she gets this bad she usually has no clue what happened the next day. She often asks and we tell her. Most of the time she thanks us for helping her but she never apologizes for being so out of control.

Like the amazing little girl she is, Kayley didn’t seem to wake up from the commotion going on below her. If she did, she didn’t come out of her room to see what was going on. That’s what she usually does when she is woken up in the middle of the night so I doubt she was bothered by the noise. I checked in on her right after it happened and again after I finished helping Mrs. K get into bed. Both times she was fast asleep, so luckily I won’t have to explain to her what happened to her mom. Those conversations are never fun. Tara had the mess cleaned up pretty quickly and you would almost never know what had happened, except for the missing flowers and vase. She plans to get up early in the morning and vacuum the area for any missed pieces of glass. We want to make sure it’s all set before Kayley gets up. We wouldn’t want her to cut herself on the glass. I’m sure she will ask where the flowers went since she had just said today that they were so pretty. She always loves when fresh flowers arrive. Sometimes she gets more excited over the fresh flowers then she does over new toys.

Tara and I agree that something is going on. Mrs. K seems worse then she usually is when her husband is away on a trip. Yes, she has come home late at night drunk before. Yes, she has been out of it enough to need help getting to her own bedroom. All of that isn’t new. It just seems different. Something isn’t the same. I think it’s the fact that it’s all happening at once. It’s like she’s spiraling down so fast that I can’t help but wonder what’s really going on. Mr. K hasn’t called at all that I’m aware of. Actually, there haven’t been many phone calls at all compared to the usual amount we get daily. If he does come home when he’s supposed to, which is Sunday, I doubt he will have much to say about tonight’s events. We tell him when it happens but he usually shrugs it off. She never drinks around him at all. Sometimes I wonder if he even believes what we tell him. Even when they attend parties together she never even takes more then a few sips of her wine, if she accepts one at all. It’s like two different people. She drinks like a fish when he’s gone and acts like she never touches alcohol when he’s home. It’s crazy.

Like I said before, I think she uses the alcohol to hide the truth that’s right in front of her. They’ve been married for 10 years and in her drunken state she’s told me she can’t live without him. During these blurt out sessions, I don’t think she even realizes whom she’s talking to. She just blurts things out to anyone that is within a few feet of her. I think she is afraid of what people will think if they split up and I think she is afraid to give up the money and the lifestyle it brings. She’s an expert at denial. She amazes me how she can act this crazy and then the second Mr. K walks back in the door she actually convinces herself that everything is perfect. Of course they battle it out almost every night he’s home but during the day she puts on her “I have a perfect life” face. I really don’t know if she will ever let herself face what her life really is. It also scares me to think where will Kayley end up. I can’t see either one of them caring for her full time. It’s really sad that this sweet little girl is the one really hurt by all of this. They must think she’s too young to understand. Children understand more then we give them credit for though. They are amazingly perceptive and always find a way to make everything their fault.

I hope Mrs. K snaps out of whatever she’s going through right now. At least I hope she cuts down on the drinking so we don’t have to play clean up crew again.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! Comments and messages are always welcome.

A tired nanny,