Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Mellow Day - (Post 3)

Today wasn't as eventful compared to yesterday. Kayley and Blake’s play date was cancelled because Kayley woke up not feeling well. It’s nothing major, I actually think its allergies since the trees have started budding and the pollen content is up. I know I can feel my allergies starting so I’m sure hers are too. According to the notes made by previous nannies, she usually has pretty bad allergies in the springtime. The papers kept by her other nannies are really all I have to go off to tell me what she’s allergic to and previous health problems. I could ask her parents all I want but they honestly don’t know. A nanny they had when Kayley was two started a journal keeping track of any health issues, major notes about the family history and major milestones. Every nanny they’ve had since then have added to it. The day I started Mrs. K handed me two journals and told me they were records kept by previous nannies. I spent the entire first night going over them. I keep them in my room now to always have on hand if I need them. She’s a very healthy little girl besides allergies. I’m glad to have them though since the parents are completely useless for that information.

Once Kayley had some children’s benadryl she felt much better and was able to be more like her cheerful self. Even though its just allergies I still kept her inside for the day, just in case. While she was getting settled on the family room couch I ran upstairs to get her favorite blanket and her doll, Jessie. Mrs. K was just coming out of her bedroom wearing her robe. I was taken a back again since this was the second day in a row that she left her room in a less then perfect state. I can’t help but wonder if there is more going on then another typical fight between Mr. and Mrs. K. I’m starting to think that he might not be coming back at all. I don’t know for sure but its possible. I’ve just never seen her this out of it before. I don’t even know what time she came home last night. She seemed to not notice me at first until I spoke directly to her. I said a simple good morning but it was ignored. All she said was, “I need sleep, you two are leaving soon right? I don’t want her making noise and keeping me awake.” I hate how she just says “her” instead of using her own daughter’s name. I explained that Kayley didn’t feel well and we were going to stay in for the day. She made a disgusted sigh noise and told me to keep her quiet before heading back into her room. She’s so self-centered that she’s made it into a hobby.

Kayley and I spent the rest of the morning watching some of her favorite movies. We actually watched “Finding Nemo” twice since it’s her all time favorite right now. We had a simple lunch of tomato soup and grilled cheese, which she loved. She’s very easily pleased and gets excited over the simplest things sometimes. After lunch she fell asleep while we were reading “A Girls Book of Flower Fairies” which is her favorite book. She can’t get enough of the stories and poems. We made the fairy flower garden a few weeks ago and she loved every minute of it. A little girl who hates to get dirty dove right in because it had to do with fairies. She could talk to you about fairies forever and she would be the happiest little girl on the planet. Her room was just re-done about a month ago into a fairy theme. It came out beautiful. She has a mural on one of the walls done by an artist who came in. I was amazed with the detail and how real it looked. Kayley squealed when she saw her room. There are 10 different fairies in the mural and she named every single one of them. The entire room was designed by an amazing interior decorator who is considered the best to have in this community. The sad thing is they didn’t re-do the room for Kayley; they did it because it was another way to prove how much money they have. They brag about the room and the name of the designer to everyone they know. It’s all about impressions and every move they make is well thought out to some how impress their neighbors. Kayley won in the end though since the room couldn’t have been more perfect for her and she absolutely loves it. That’s all that matters.

After dinner we had a craft session. Kayley wanted to make a picture for her dad for when he comes home. She made a cute little picture of her and her dad in a fairy garden. It was adorable. She started making one for her mom but halfway through she didn’t want to finish it. I don’t know why but she suddenly decided she didn’t want to draw it anymore. Instead she started to make one for me to keep in my room. She makes these a lot but I couldn’t stop thinking about why she suddenly didn’t want to make one for her mom. She almost always makes one for each of her parents. They don’t really pay much attention to the pictures even though she is always obviously very proud of them. It makes me thing if she’s just giving up on some level with trying to get their attention. It breaks my heart. When she was done drawing and everything was cleaned up she wanted to throw away the pictures she made for her parents. I convinced her not to but she had no interest in them. Instead she skipped to the laundry room to give a picture to Tara and then up to my room to find a place for the newest picture she made for me. I saved the ones for her parents in case she changes her mind tomorrow.

I received a few messages that the link to my blog has been posted on in a few different cities. I think it’s great! I never even thought to really promote my own blog, I was just writing in it as if it was a diary. Just to get out my thoughts and feelings. I’ve always been a big writer; it’s usually what I turn to for relieving stress. I don’t know what made me start a public blog about it but I did. I love that people are reading it and enjoying my writing. It’s very flattering that people are finding it interesting and plan to keep an eye on it for updates. I know at least one person is monitoring it through this site and some people in messages stated that they bookmarked the page to check back for new posts. Feel free to leave comments or send feedback, I would love to see what you have to say.

I also want to say that I’ve been asked questions about the specifics of my job, such as the pay, hours and my education. I don’t mind the questions one bit and will try to answer them all the best I can. So if you are wondering something, ask away!

Your friendly neighborhood nanny,